Supervision and further support

The Ph.D. program is designed to provide the best possible support for doctoral students on the path to their thesis and at the start of their scientific career. In particular, doctoral students within the program experience excellent professional and interdisciplinary development. Support measures include, among others:

Ph.D. committee

Each doctoral student is supervised by a "Ph.D. committee" during the entire doctoral period. The Ph.D. committee comprises two members of the Department (professors; one from Group I). In order for doctoral students to benefit from the expertise of scientists or scholars outside of the University of Basel, the third member of the Ph.D. committee is usually an external expert.

Direct contact with external experts

In order that doctoral students have a network of good international connections, particular emphasis is placed on making contact with external experts in the chosen scientific field.

Research placement abroad

Because of the special importance of international cooperation and the ability to hold scientific discourse in other languages, placements abroad are supported and promoted during the doctoral program.