Our research collaboration is comprised of the departments Social PsychologyEconomic PsychologyCognitive Decision Sciences, and Psychology of Sustainability and Behavior Change.

The Center for Social Psychology (Prof. Dr. Greifeneder), conducts research in the areas of social cognition and ostracism. The Center for Economic Psychology (Prof. Dr. Jörg Rieskamp) examines why human behavior often contradicts normative, economic principles. The Center for Cognitive and Decision Sciences (Prof. Dr, Mata), extends the research focus to include perspectives on cognitive and decision research across the lifespan. The Center for Psychology of Sustainability and Behavior Change, (Prof. Dr. Ulf Hahnel) examines behavior in the context of global climate change and means to promote sustainable change. An interest in and enthusiasm for research into human decisions in a social, ecological, and economic context connects the different departments.