27 Oct 2022
17:00  - 18:00


Colloquium / Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

Responses to global environmental change: Mitigation to adaptation

Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Assistant Professor, Earth System Science, University of Stanford

Abstract: A growing number of people are experiencing the impacts from climate change from extreme wildfires and heat to intensify hurricanes. Understanding how experiences and sense making relate to decision making may provide insight into ways interventions can be designed to more effectively empower people to take steps to adapt to lessen impacts, or to address its root causes. Dr. Wong-Parodi will present recent work examining the relationships of negative personal experience with extreme weather events and attribution of that experience to climate change with pro-environmental attitudes, behaviors, and adaptation. She will also present work-in-progress that centers on a longitudinal study examining how the relationship of adaptation and risk perceptions regarding hurricanes in the U.S. Gulf Coast changes over time. These studies illustrate the importance of conducting research in context and provide ways forward for thinking about how to support efforts to mitigate climate change and to adapt to the changes already under way.

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